4 Viable Commercial EV’s Available to Market Now

March 24, 2020

Esagono Cit-E-Fox

The UK government’s decision to bring forward its well-intentioned objective of terminating the sale of fossil-fuel-powered automobiles to 2035 might have long-term ramifications on the EV industry.

PM Boris Johnson made public his goal of advancing the termination of hybrid, petrol and diesel vehicle sales from 2040 to 2035. At the same time, he declared that the government will be doing away with grants for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) by March 2020. Hitherto, the UK government had been promoting the uptake of electric utility vehicles for sale by offering subsidies up to £3,500.

Although EVs (electric vehicles) represent only a small percentage of total vehicle sales, their sales growth rate is rising consistently. A total of 4,054 EVs were sold in January 2020, which is a sharp increase from the 1,334 units that were sold in January 2019. On the other hand, 2,268 and 4,788 units of PHEVs were sold in January 2019 and January 2020 respectively.

Consequently, capitalists, financiers and angel investors are primarily backing automotive suppliers, infrastructure firms, and manufacturers who are taking the initiative to promote EVs in the UK and EU. The UK government’s new policy of eventually phasing out combustion-engine driven vehicles spells both opportunities and threats for all stakeholders involved in the automotive supply chain.

The charging infrastructure, for one, is yet not robust enough to encourage more individuals and establishments to switch to electric vehicles. At present, there are over 30,000 charging points distributed across nearly 11,000 sites, according to a survey by charging point locator Zap Map.

However, the charging infrastructure for EVs is expected to improve in the coming years.

Here at Carryway, we offer a wide range of electric utility vans for hire and sale in the UK. One good thing about our electric utility vehicles for sale is that they do not require any complex charging equipment when driving from one location to another.

These electric utility vehicles are perfect for intra-city mobility as well as on-site logistics.

Esagono Gastone EV Van

The Esagono Gastone EV Van has been designed and created to serve as an efficient zero-emission electric vehicle. This N1 classified electric vehicle can carry a maximum payload of 1250kg and comes equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

The Esagono Gastone electric utility van comes in perfectly handy for last-mile deliveries and can be used to good effect by waste management firms and facility maintenance crews.

Esagono Cit-E-Fox EV Refuse Collection Vehicle

The Esagono Cit-E-Fox is a 100% zero-emission EV featuring a compact design and extremely user-friendly. The Cit-E-Fox serves as a waste collection vehicle that can effortlessly navigate through the narrowest of enclosures, alleys and laneways.

Waste management firms and refuse collection agencies looking to improve competencies in refuse management without increasing emissions can integrate the Cit-E-Fox into their current fleet.

Garia City EV Van/Truck

This fully electric Garia City EV boasts a payload capacity of up to 723 kg and is classified as L7e type vehicles certified for use across the EU. The mileage ranges from 37-47 miles per charge with a maximum speed of 28mph.

The manoeuvrable and compact Garia Utility City LWB (long wheelbase) EV van can smoothly negotiate extremely narrow lanes and alleys. Designed meticulously for use in a large facility, city centre or industrial park, the Garia Utility is the perfect eco-friendly option to polluting diesel or petrol vehicles.

Esagono EV Bus

The Esagono Grifo Electric Shuttle Mini Bus has been designed with painstaking care for boosting the effectiveness of mobility services in areas with restricted access like transport hubs and city centres.

Some of the top features of this electric bus Esagono include:

  • Can seat up to 7-8 individuals
  • N1 classified fully electric mini bus
  • Range up to 130kms
  • Can carry additional baggage of 380kg

Wide Range of Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale & Hire

At Carryway, we have more than 15 years in the EV industry, and have witnessed a significant rise in the demand for zero emissions EVs.

We offer a range of electric vehicles from Esagono, Garia, and Club Car for sale and hire and have supplied numerous logistics and transportation companies throughout the UK, as well as local authorities.

Contact the Carryway team today to discuss how we can help.

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Paul Bush OBE – Director of Events, VisitScotland

The Carryway operation was run very professionally and smoothly and to a very high standard. Their knowledge and attention to detail with the complicated planning and logistics involved were exceptional; they were a pleasure to deal with and I can highly recommend their services.

Rachel Mitchell – Senior Manager for Golf Events, IMG Golf

It has been a delight to deal with Carryway, who were our Official Golf Buggy Supplier for The 2019 Solheim Cup. They combine efficient logistics with a professional approach to every aspect of delivery, and the equipment our event benefited from was both functional and stylish. A big thank you to a wonderful Partner.

Dave Player, Team Brit Racing – CEO

The Carryway buggy was a lifesaver – and that’s no exaggeration! We were racing in the Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, which is a 45 mins support race just before the start for the big 24hr race. Our garages were about 2km away so getting all our gear to/from the pitlane for the race was made so simple because of the buggy! And it would have taken (the team) ages to get there and back! We are enormously proud of our new buggy and the livery made for it. It helps us stand out and helps raise our profile, not to mention being an essential team donkey.”

Simon Widowson – Event Men

Thank you Carryway for supplying the buggy for us at Chatsworth this year. All went well and no issues at all – it was a definite improvement on the equipment supplied last year by a different company. Happy to use you again for next year .

Daryn Cochrane – Head of Golf & PGA Professional, The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

Thank you for the excellent customer service that we recently received from Hugh Healy, Carryway Support. Hugh was very thorough and had excellent communications with us regarding our buggy fleet at The Westerwood Resort – nothing was too difficult for him.

Caring For Life / Charity – Carl Rayner

Our open day event is a very important day for us, and it makes life much easier to have a relationship with a company (Carryway) that we can rely on each year.

Carryway are always a pleasure to deal with and their drivers are always friendly and professional. It takes a little bit of worry out of my job knowing that I can rely on your good service.

Many thanks to the team, especially Adam who was friendly, helpful and professional.

Nick Rushworth – Golf Operations Director, MacDonald Linden Hall

It is a pleasure to work with Carryway, the service and support they provide has been first class. We originally signed up for 14 brand new buggies for one year to sample working with the company.

We were pleased with the service and the product provided and have since signed up for the next few seasons and hopefully with many more to come after that.

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4 Viable Commercial EV’s Available to Market Now

The UK government’s decision to bring forward its well-intentioned objective of terminating the sale of fossil-fuel-powered automobiles to 2035 might have long-term ramifications on the EV industry. PM Boris Johnson made public his goal of advancing the termination of hybrid, petrol and diesel vehicle sales from 2040 to 2035. At […]

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