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Find The Perfect Light Commercial Road Legal Electric Vehicle & Electric Flat Bed Truck For Your Business

Whether you are looking for a specific make and model or are searching for an electric solution to an on-site requirement, Carryway can offer you a range of light commercial compact zero emissions road legal electric vehicles (including electric flat bed trucks) from some of the worlds leading manufacturers.

With energy efficient electric vehicles available from leading manufactures Melex, Esagono and whether it’s an electric last mile delivery van, a zero-emissions flat bed truck or battery powered pick-up vehicle Carryway can find a vehicle for your business.

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Benefits of Electric Vehicles:


Zero Emissions

Switching to electric vehicles reduces tail pipe emissions to zero.

No Petrol Costs

Micro EV’s can reduced fuel costs on average by 90% or more.

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to their compact dimensions Micro EV’s can access areas larger vans cannot.

Zero Road Tax

100% electric vehicles are exempt from UK road tax, just another reason to change.

Reduced Running Costs

Fewer moving parts, and a simpler more practical design reduced running costs.

Fit For Task

One size doesn’t fit all, find the right electric vehicle for your application.


Charging made simple:

You don’t have to worry about complex charging. Our range of road legal electric vehicles can be charged from a 240v outlet with either a 3 pin domestic or blue commercial plug.


It’s that easy.


Electric Vehicle Charging


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Electric Vehicle Range


Electric Vehicle Range:

The range of your road legal electric vehicle depends on the manufacture and model you choose and the battery option you select. Micro EV’s are designed for short urban journeys, accessing the most efficient routes thanks to their compact size.

Maximum range varies between 25 – 80 miles from a full charge.



Will changing to a Micro EV reduce my fuel costs:

Powering an electric Micro EV typically costs significantly less then running a petrol or diesel vehicle. Especially if you are taking short journeys resulting in poor fuel economy.

The below table shows how changing to a Micro EV can save users £1,000’s per year in fuel costs.

Road Legal Micro EV Diesel Vehicle
Cost Per Mile £0.04 £0.20
Cost Per 100 Miles £3.63 £20.45
Days Working Per Year 365 365
Daily Miles 22 22
Yearly Miles 8030 8030
Yearly Total Fuel Costs £291.49 £1,642.34

(Charging cost based on £0.15 per kwh. Fuel cost based on £1.35 per litre and 30mpg consumption)


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Paul Bush OBE – Director of Events, VisitScotland

The Carryway operation was run very professionally and smoothly and to a very high standard. Their knowledge and attention to detail with the complicated planning and logistics involved were exceptional; they were a pleasure to deal with and I can highly recommend their services.

Rachel Mitchell – Senior Manager for Golf Events, IMG Golf

It has been a delight to deal with Carryway, who were our Official Golf Buggy Supplier for The 2019 Solheim Cup. They combine efficient logistics with a professional approach to every aspect of delivery, and the equipment our event benefited from was both functional and stylish. A big thank you to a wonderful Partner.

Dave Player, Team Brit Racing – CEO

The Carryway buggy was a lifesaver – and that’s no exaggeration! We were racing in the Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, which is a 45 mins support race just before the start for the big 24hr race. Our garages were about 2km away so getting all our gear to/from the pitlane for the race was made so simple because of the buggy! And it would have taken (the team) ages to get there and back! We are enormously proud of our new buggy and the livery made for it. It helps us stand out and helps raise our profile, not to mention being an essential team donkey.”

Simon Widowson – Event Men

Thank you Carryway for supplying the buggy for us at Chatsworth this year. All went well and no issues at all – it was a definite improvement on the equipment supplied last year by a different company. Happy to use you again for next year .

Daryn Cochrane – Head of Golf & PGA Professional, The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

Thank you for the excellent customer service that we recently received from Hugh Healy, Carryway Support. Hugh was very thorough and had excellent communications with us regarding our buggy fleet at The Westerwood Resort – nothing was too difficult for him.

Caring For Life / Charity – Carl Rayner

Our open day event is a very important day for us, and it makes life much easier to have a relationship with a company (Carryway) that we can rely on each year.

Carryway are always a pleasure to deal with and their drivers are always friendly and professional. It takes a little bit of worry out of my job knowing that I can rely on your good service.

Many thanks to the team, especially Adam who was friendly, helpful and professional.

Nick Rushworth – Golf Operations Director, MacDonald Linden Hall

It is a pleasure to work with Carryway, the service and support they provide has been first class. We originally signed up for 14 brand new buggies for one year to sample working with the company.

We were pleased with the service and the product provided and have since signed up for the next few seasons and hopefully with many more to come after that.

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