The UK “Can” Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 according to the CCC

May 28, 2019

According to a recent report by the CCC (Committee on Climate Change) the UK can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to nearly zero by 2050. This CCC report comes in the aftermath of the recent UK Parliament vote on 2nd May 2019, declaring a climate emergency.

The CCC report emphasised the need to bring emissions to a “net zero”. This means, the amount of emissions being released into the atmosphere by human actions must be balanced by the amount of carbon emissions removed from it.

The adoption of low-carbon technologies is one way that the CCC believes we can help achieve this 2050 goal. One area that this strategy applies to is transport. The report recommends effecting the proposed ban on conventional car sales by 2030, much sooner than the originally proposed deadline of 2040.

The CCC report also predicts that conventional cars will soon be replaced by electric cars.

A significant way to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is to increase their popularity amongst businesses. Local councils can play a key role in increasing awareness by leading by example and adopting EVs for tasks such as garbage collection, facility management and security in city centres.

The use of EVs is even more important given the formation of Low Emission Zones throughout the nation which aim to cut down air pollution in urban centres. These zones demand the use of cleaner vehicles such as EVs.

EVs also benefit businesses and many other organisations including logistics and haulage companies, which can use these vehicles as a last mile delivery solution.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Whether you are a local council, a delivery company or another business operating in urban centres, the use of EVs can help you in many ways.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership – While initial purchase costs can still be reasonably high, the value that these vehicles bring to your business, in the long run, is immense. Compared to diesel and petrol vehicles, EVs bring down the running costs considerably. This reduction can account for a huge financial saving for businesses especially by reducing fuel costs and maintenance expenses significantly.
  • Cheaper Maintenance – EVs do not have many moving parts as petrol and diesel vehicles do. As a result, they do not demand much servicing as compared to conventional vehicles. Savings on servicing and maintenance can be significant.
  • Environment-Friendly – EVs help reduce the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere. These vehicles are exhaust emission-free. You’ll be reducing the carbon footprint further if you choose to charge your EV from a sustainable charging station. These emissions savings can also translate into cost savings as numerous incentives are put in place for businesses to reduce there impact on the environment.
  • A Safer Solution – The lower speeds of compact EVs can reduce the chances of accidents and makes them a safer option for operating in crowded locations.
  • Easy Navigation – The compact construction of EVs means that you can navigate through areas that are otherwise difficult to access such as narrow streets and corners. When not on outdoor journeys, these vehicles can be used for indoor tasks such as transporting staff and guests within the premises.

Carryway – Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Carryway specialises in smart vehicle solutions for businesses including electric vehicles solutions for refuse & waste management industry. Our electric utility vehicles are available for hire and purchase and we offer a fully-managed after-market support throughout the UK.

We offer a range of fit-to-task last mile delivery solutions for delivery businesses. Our fleet of last mile delivery vehicles includes vehicles from Carryall, Esagono and Garia Utility.

Our fleet of electric utility vehicles includes compact electric vans, shuttles and buggies. We are official dealers of Club Car, Esagono and Garia and offer a wide range of electric utility vehicles for purchase and hire. As official dealers of these brands, we offer the aftermarket back up and support our clients expect.

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Dave Player, Team Brit Racing – CEO

The Carryway buggy was a lifesaver – and that’s no exaggeration! We were racing in the Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, which is a 45 mins support race just before the start for the big 24hr race. Our garages were about 2km away so getting all our gear to/from the pitlane for the race was made so simple because of the buggy! And it would have taken (the team) ages to get there and back! We are enormously proud of our new buggy and the livery made for it. It helps us stand out and helps raise our profile, not to mention being an essential team donkey.”

Simon Widowson – Event Men

Thank you Carryway for supplying the buggy for us at Chatsworth this year. All went well and no issues at all – it was a definite improvement on the equipment supplied last year by a different company. Happy to use you again for next year .

Daryn Cochrane – Head of Golf & PGA Professional, The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

Thank you for the excellent customer service that we recently received from Hugh Healy, Carryway Support. Hugh was very thorough and had excellent communications with us regarding our buggy fleet at The Westerwood Resort – nothing was too difficult for him.

Caring For Life / Charity – Carl Rayner

Our open day event is a very important day for us, and it makes life much easier to have a relationship with a company (Carryway) that we can rely on each year.

Carryway are always a pleasure to deal with and their drivers are always friendly and professional. It takes a little bit of worry out of my job knowing that I can rely on your good service.

Many thanks to the team, especially Adam who was friendly, helpful and professional.

Nick Rushworth – Golf Operations Director, MacDonald Linden Hall

It is a pleasure to work with Carryway, the service and support they provide has been first class. We originally signed up for 14 brand new buggies for one year to sample working with the company.

We were pleased with the service and the product provided and have since signed up for the next few seasons and hopefully with many more to come after that.

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