What is EV100, and How are they Changing the EV Landscape?

February 18, 2019


EV100 is a global initiative, started in September 2017 by The Climate Group, a not-for-profit international organisation working towards accelerating solutions that contribute positively to climate change.

The EV100 constitutes a growing group of global companies working towards speeding up the process of transition to electric vehicles (EVs). EV100 aims to make the electric vehicle the preferred mode of road transport by 2030. EV100 currently consists of 31 major companies from around the world including the likes of BT, Deutsche Post, EDF and Ikea to name just a few.

Why Electric Vehicles (EVs)?

Personal and commercial road transport is a major contributor to climate change. Everyday the vehicles we drive emit toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases, which have a serious negative impact on people’s health and the environment. With these emissions increasing every year – by as much as 2.5% – the members of EV100 are taking action to help reduce this figure.

Electric vehicles help minimise the emission of toxic and greenhouse gases. Emissions produced during generating the electricity to power EV’s are lower than the emissions produced by petrol or diesel vehicles. Emissions are completely reduced by EVs which are charged by non polluting renewable resources such as wind and solar energy.

Over the past decade EV’s have become significantly more popular, mainly due to the drop in the costs of battery packs, which have witnessed an 85% fall since 2010, making it even more accessible for people to convert to electrically powered vehicles. Despite this, electric vehicles still remain a niche solution with sales of petrol and diesel powered vehicles vastly exceeding those of EV’s.

How EV100 is Contributing to the EV Landscape?

EV100 members constitute companies from different sectors, including retail, postal, logistics and telecommunications. As a group the EV100 totals more than US$0.5 trillion combined revenue, so its safe to say they have some influence. The group is working towards the objective of electrifying 2+ million vehicles by 2030. By doing so, 6.6 metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions would be prevented.

The initiative has already seen 10,000 EV100 fleet vehicles electrified while an additional 70,000 are in the process of transition.

By adopting the EVs into their operations, these businesses are championing the cause of clean energy. They are showing the world that EVs are the practical solution for minimising the planet’s carbon footprint.

By accelerating the process of transitioning to EVs, these companies are sending a signal to other businesses that faster adoption is possible and even more necessary for the world today.

While reducing toxic emissions is a key reason for businesses to shift to EVs, other benefits such as reputation and financial gains also are also important.

Companies like to lead the way when it comes to making revolutionary changes which sustains their reputation. Financial benefits that businesses get to experience because of EVs, such as upto 70% fuel savings, and upto 80% savings on vehicle repair and maintenance, are also key transition drivers.

Accessibility is also a key reason for an EV transition in many businesses. The introduction of zero-emission zones and legislation restricting conventional polluting vehicles from city centres are increasing, creating problems for organisations operating in urban areas. Transition to EVs enables businesses are still able to access such areas without issue.

The benefits brought about by the transition are sure to inspire and encourage other businesses worldwide to adapt to EV100’s initiative much sooner.

The IKEA Story of EV Transition Success

Ingka Group, formerly called the IKEA Group, has successfully made the transition to EVs in Shanghai already. The furniture giant now exclusively relies on EVs to make home deliveries in and around the city of Shanghai.

Ingka aims to expand its EV transition to each of its markets worldwide by 2025. It plans to achieve EVs transition in 4 cities – Los Angeles, Amsterdam, New York and Paris – by 2020.

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