Golf Buggy Winter Storage Guide

November 19, 2018


The winter months for many unfortunately mean the end of the golf season, and will often see your golf buggy fleet put into “hibernation” ready for spring. Appropriately preparing and storing the golf buggies for winter is vitally important to maintaining performance and reliability, poor storage practices can lead to a host of running issues when you come to next use your carts. Here at Carryway we have comprised a helpful crib sheet of winter maintenance tips:  

Storing Electric Golf Buggies Over Winter:

Ensure that the buggies are plugged-in throughout.

Maintaining the proper electrolyte level in the batteries is key throughout all of the storage period.

The batteries require preparation for long-term storage. This step is essential to ensure that the electrolyte mixes well with water.

How to look after your golf buggy in winter

Two Weeks Before Storage – Actions:

  • Step 1: Check the water levels in each battery cell, and top up as required to cover the cell plates.
  • Step 2: Fully charge the battery set.
  • Step 3: Using distilled water top up each cell, so the level is between 10mm above the plates to 5mm below the indicator level.

Immediately Before Storage – Actions:

  • Turn off the key switch of the vehicle and remove the key. Change the forward/reverse switch to Neutral and retain this position throughout the storage.
  • Turn off vehicle functions including fans and GPS units, lights etc.
  • Turn the tow/run switch to “tow” (You will find this under the vehicle seat near the batteries) REMEMBER this will disable the battery warning light. (Should your buggy feature GPSI technology, Visage or Guardian ignore this step and move to the next. Your vehicle has remote monitoring).
  • Create a battery acid neutralising solution for cleaning (1 cup of baking soda per 4.5 liters of water). Proceed to clear the tops and terminals of all batteries using the battery acid neutraliser. Treat all terminal connectors with battery terminal protector spray.
  • Tighten all battery cables per the instructions in the owner’s manual.
  • Where your vehicle(s) feature a Single Point Watering System, position the fill tube on top of the battery so that any water from the tube drains back into the battery.
  • Ensure that the windshields are positioned upright.
  • Turn the bag protectors down to prevent the vinyl in the window panel from cracking during storage.

Storage – Actions:

  • Activate the battery charger by plugging it into the car. Observe the movements on the ammeter or charger light to ensure that the charger is working.
  • Inflate tire pressure to 18-20 psi unless stated otherwise in the owners manual.
  • Ensure all 6 monthly lubrications schedules are adhered to.
  • Clean the vehicle including the seats, (front and rear) and the underside thoroughly removing all dirt and tarnish collected over the season.


Tips for Storing Petrol Golf Buggies

  • Turn the Forward/Reverse control to Neutral. Turn the Neutral Lockout Cam to the Maintenance position.
  • Turn off the Fuel Shut-Off valve. Switch on the key and run the engine until all the fuel in the carburettor and the fuel lines is used up completely and the engine ceases to run. Switch off the key and remove it. Turn the Neutral Lockout Cam to the Operate position.
  • Drain any remaining fuel into a dry and clean container by loosening the carburettor drain. Pour this fuel into the buggy’s fuel tank. Tighten the drain screw.
  • Ensure that the fuel tank vent is airtight by first disconnecting it from the vent barb and then securing it with a vinyl cap.
  • Disconnect the battery cables.
  • Check the tyre pressure. 18 -20 psi is recommended.
  • Maintain the engine oil level as specified in the manual. Ensure that required semi-annual lubrication is completed
  • Clean the battery using a battery acid neutraliser. Clean the terminals and protect them with a protector spray.
  • Disconnect the spark plug. Use the emptied spark plug duct to pour a ½ ounce measure of oil of the specification SAE 10 weight into the engine. Rotate the engine’s crankshaft manually several times before reinstalling the spark plug.
  • Chock the car without engaging the parking brake.
  • Turn the windshields upright and turn down the bag protectors.


Trust Carryway With Your Golf Buggy Fleet

Looking for a new golf buggy fleet partner. Carryway are authorised Club Car dealers offering a range of golf carts, utility vehicles, transport buggies all to hire or purchase with fully managed back up and support.

We offer a range of  Club Car Golf Buggies including the new Club Car Tempo and the worlds no.1 golf cart the Club Car Precedent i2.

For support services we offer a range of Club Car utility vehicles including the Handyman, Carryall 100, Carryall 300, Carryall 500, Carryall 550, Carryall 700 and Carryall 1500 (4wd). Along with a range of Garia utility vehicles.

Additionally for people moving Carryway can provide a range of  transport golf buggies. Our line up includes the Transporter 4 & 6, Villager 4, Villager 6 and Villager 8.

Our vehicles are available in petrol, diesel and electric formats. Our golf buggies are available for outright purchase or for hire.

Contact the Carryway team today to discuss your golf buggy fleet requirements or for advice on how to manage your current fleet over the winter months.

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Dave Player, Team Brit Racing – CEO

The Carryway buggy was a lifesaver – and that’s no exaggeration! We were racing in the Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, which is a 45 mins support race just before the start for the big 24hr race. Our garages were about 2km away so getting all our gear to/from the pitlane for the race was made so simple because of the buggy! And it would have taken (the team) ages to get there and back! We are enormously proud of our new buggy and the livery made for it. It helps us stand out and helps raise our profile, not to mention being an essential team donkey.”

Simon Widowson – Event Men

Thank you Carryway for supplying the buggy for us at Chatsworth this year. All went well and no issues at all – it was a definite improvement on the equipment supplied last year by a different company. Happy to use you again for next year .

Daryn Cochrane – Head of Golf & PGA Professional, The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

Thank you for the excellent customer service that we recently received from Hugh Healy, Carryway Support. Hugh was very thorough and had excellent communications with us regarding our buggy fleet at The Westerwood Resort – nothing was too difficult for him.

Caring For Life / Charity – Carl Rayner

Our open day event is a very important day for us, and it makes life much easier to have a relationship with a company (Carryway) that we can rely on each year.

Carryway are always a pleasure to deal with and their drivers are always friendly and professional. It takes a little bit of worry out of my job knowing that I can rely on your good service.

Many thanks to the team, especially Adam who was friendly, helpful and professional.

Nick Rushworth – Golf Operations Director, MacDonald Linden Hall

It is a pleasure to work with Carryway, the service and support they provide has been first class. We originally signed up for 14 brand new buggies for one year to sample working with the company.

We were pleased with the service and the product provided and have since signed up for the next few seasons and hopefully with many more to come after that.

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